Introducing the Stage 4+ Turbo System for the 1.8T. Capable of over 600WHP! Includes:


*Please Note: This setup produces in excess of 600WHP. Other appropriate modifications MUST be done to handle the increased power output. This is not your basic bolt on performance mod. Connecting rods, Aftermarket Differential, and an Aftermarket Clutch are absolutely necessary with the Stage 4+ Turbo Kit.

To maximize the potential of this harware kit, at this time, Force Fed Engineering recommends the use of Autronic Engine Management, available through Force Fed Engineering, or Lugnuts Tuning.

Dyno of the Stage 4+ in action. Other modifications include: QED AEB ported Head with Cat Cams, Autronic SM4, 1000CC Injectors, Pauter Connecting Rods, Mahle Motorsport Pistons, Force Fed Engineering Big Port Intake Manifold.